César Franck: L'Œuvre d'Orgue

César Franck: L'Œuvre d'OrgueThis 3-CD set contains the organ works of César Franck. These performances show us the breadth of Dame Gillian's repertoire in expressing these works combining thoughtful emotion and structure. Performed on the Frobenius Organ of Århus Cathedral, Denmark (the same as the Messiaen cycle), the superb recording displays once again the color and clarity of sound on the largest organ in Denmark. Produced by Collins Classics, CD 70442 in no longer in print.

Track Listing

1 1 Fantaisie en ut, Op. 16 (C major)
2 Pastorale, Op. 19
3 Cantabile
4 Pièce Héroïque
5 Prière, Op. 20
6 Final, Op. 21
2 1 Fantaisie en la (A major)
2 Prélude, Fugue et Variation, Op. 18
3 Grande Pièce Symphonique, Op. 17
3 1 Trois Chorals: No. 1, E major
2 Trois Chorals: No. 2, B minor
3 Trois Chorals: No. 3, A minor
4 Andantino, en sol mineur (G minor)
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