Olivier Messiaen: The Complete Organ Works Volume 3

Reviews- Volume Three

“One might say that Dame Gillian Weir as born to play Messiaen... such is the authority of [her] interpretations... Every facet of the music — technical, spiritual, emotional — is conveyed with conviction and intensity, and the Frobenius organ of Arhus Cathedral is an ideal partner.” Christopher Nickol, Gramophone, February 2004

“...virtuosic and electrifying playing... will leave many listeners gasping.” Peter Jewkes, Sydney Organ Journal, August 2003

Track Listing

Priory Records PRCD 923

Vol. 3 1 Les Corps Glorieux I. Subtilité des Corps Glorieux
2 II. Les Eaux de la Grâce
3 III. L'Ange aux Parfums
4 IV. Combat de la Mort et de la Vie
5 V. Force et Agilité des Corps Glorieux
6 VI. Joie et Clarté des Corps Glorieux
7 VII. Le Mystère de la Sainte Trinité
8 Messe De La Pentecôte I. Entrée: Les Langues de Feu
9 II. Offertoire: Les Choses Visibles et Invisibles
10 III. Consécration: Le Don de Sagesse
11 IV. Communion: Les Oiseaux et les Sources
12 V. Sortie: Le Vent de l'Esprit
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