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Lawrence Phelps & Associates

Organ builder Lawrence Phelps and Gillian Weir were married in 1972, and remained married until Phelp's passing in 1999. He had his own firm for organ building in Erie, PA, from 1972 through 1980. Please visit theĀ Lawrence Phelps & Associates website. The site contains articles written by Phelps, as well as specifications and photos of the organs built by his firm, including the Hexham Abbey organ featured in the Organ Master Series Volume 2 CD, and the Ft. Collins and Deer Park Instrument featured on Volume 3.


In the USA, Pipedreams is a nationally distributed weekly public radio program dedicated to the organ and has been on the air for over 25 years. On several occasions during this time Gillian Weir has been heard in performance and interviewed with the program's host, Michael Barone. Here are some links to pages which feature these programs, which can be played from your computer:

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